Gone fishin’!

Something unexpected happens on every job. I’ve learned to just plan for it. This past week I was pushing hard to meet a very short deadline for clients who are anxious to get their remodel done so they can get back into their home. I totally understand that! Everyone who has gone through a remodel can relate, I’m sure. You’re excited, but at the same time you’re ready for it to be done.

Well, some things can’t be rushed. Cabinet finish is one of those things. And the time it takes to set varies. It’s always affected by the temperature and humidity. On Friday last week I almost botched a gorgeous set of glazed finish bathroom cabinets trying to get them done quickly! After marring the surface with clamps, I was forced to delay the installation one day and hold my breath while I performed emergency repairs. I’m psyched to say that when I finished, no one could see where the repairs had been done, and the client is thrilled with the cabinets! I’ve now installed the cabinet carcases and they can proceed with countertops and the other work that will get them back into their home on schedule!

After completing the install on Sunday, I hopped right into my dad’s car and headed up to northern Washington state for a few days of salmon fishing. We’ve been looking forward to this trip for months! And my dad was able to extend our trip by a day to make up for the day lost to my cabinet finish emergency.


I’ll tackle the drawers and doors next. You’ll be the first to see photos of that gorgeous cabinetry as soon as I have them!

Have a great week!



The new pRottertype website!

It’s been a long time coming, but my website is officially online! Thanks to my awesome wife! I’d really love for all of my friends and colleagues to take a look and send me any feedback you might have.  Click the image to see the site!

Please subscribe to this blog if you’re interested in occasional updates I’ll be posting about the woodworking projects I take on here in San Diego, California. Just this week I perfected a cabinet glazing process that looks really sharp! Kimberly will get some photos when I do the next batch. Fascinating, right? :0)

Launching the pRottertype website soon!

I’m really excited to be nearing the launch of the new pRottertype website! It will feature photos of many of my past projects. You’ll also find sections explaining the processes of making high quality cabinets, installing artwork (large and small), and restoring historic properties in San Diego. I’ll definitely be eager to get feedback from viewers about the quality and content of the website, its ease of navigation, and any other details that come to mind.

Please stay tuned during the month of August, and celebrate this milestone with me!